DVD Player Repair Tips - The All-Inclusive Repairing Solution

Ensure you get the most precise DVD player repair tips by downloading the manual displayed below. Novice and experienced electronics technicians need a manual that delivers a complete DVD player repairing solution.

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Download a quality guide that contains the most effective, 100 percent tested and proven DVD player repair tips and techniques. Repairing a DVD player can be a real breeze as long as you have a richly illustrated guide within reach. It’s a no-brainer approach to acquire the necessary know-hows for troubleshooting a broad selection of DVD players.

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This well written and richly illustrated immediate download repairing book was put together by an electronics repairing expert Humphrey Kimathi of Kenya. Yes, that country has plenty of top-notch distance runners, but there are also quite a number of highly experienced electronics engineers and repairers residing in Kenya.

Humphrey is a highly experienced electronics engineers and his manual is stuffed with effective DVD player repair tips that will equip you with solid knowledge on the working principles and troubleshooting methods for DVD player power supplies, and other important components.

 Various case studies are also shared in the book to help you develop your troubleshooting skills for repairing typical issues including how to complete a DVD player no disc repair work, solving dead symptoms and more.

Here’s the downloadable repair manual list of contents:

Chapter 1 introduces you to DVD player repair.

Chapter 2 provides a solid overview of a DVD player’s power board, decoder, and loader.

Chapter 3 shows you the typical components found in a DVD player switch mode power supply (SMPS).

Chapter 4 tells you exactly how a DVD player’s SMPS work.

Chapter 5 offers an info packed guide on troubleshooting a DVD player’s power supply.

Chapter 6 gives you a thorough understanding of the loader components as well as the motor, lens and pickup.

Chapter 7 is a complete case study of how Humphrey fixed an ORION brand DVD player which had DEAD symptoms.

Chapter 8 provides another informative case study on how Humphrey successfully resolved a JVC DVD player no disc repair problem.

Chapter 9 shows a case study for fixing an LG DVD player which was spinning at high speed, yet produces no video or audio.

Chapter 10 has a case study detailing Humphrey’s solution for repairing a DVD home theater system that also had a “No Disc” problem.

Chapter 11 offers the final case study in which Humphrey tells you the methods he used to repair an LG DVD player that was hit by a significant power surge.
Chapter 12 is the conclusion to the eBook.

This DVD player repairing solution manual is crammed with color photos to help you learn quicker and better. If you want to read the guide on the computer, use the hyperlinks sprinkled throughout the eBook.

Each chapter has a hyperlinked that connects direct to the list of contents so navigation is a breeze. I recommend you print out the book though.

Whoever purchases Humphey’s DVD player repair guide will receive email support from him. Thus if there’s a tricky issue that you really can’t solve, simply email him the DVD player model and tell him the issue, and he’ll look into it for you.

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Check Out Some User Feedback Here:

(A) My problem begins when my Samsung DVD player stopped functioning out of the blue. Being a novice electronics technician and lacking the experience in troubleshooting DVD players, I went online to research some possible solutions.

Long story short, I discovered this online manual and decided to pony up the cash because it was reasonably priced, and I could use it as my personal reference time and time again because I plan on offering a service to fix other people’s DVD player units.   
Well, this manual has been an exceptional reference material because it has pictures to help you pick things up faster and the lessons are easy to read and understand.

Thanks to the instructions shared in this online manual, I managed to identify the source of the issue, which is related to the DVD player’s spindle motor, and I got that fixed pronto. Now my Samsung player is back and rocking again!

(B) This ebook is very useful and it helped me learn how to sort out customary issues associated with DVD players.  The information presented in the book is absolutely sufficient for me to grasp the inner workings of a DVD player’s main units as well as the correct measures for rectifying a particular problem.

Since this ebook comes with email support direct from the author, I don’t see any reason to purchase another manual. For me this is the complete DVD player repairing solution, and the author is always helpful with queries.

(C) I would very much recommend this downloadable book to electronics technicians and repairers who are in need of a solid repairing reference guide. It’s very useful especially for beginner techs because the ebook is written in everyday language and there are photographs and diagrams so you’ll have a solid understanding of what is what, recognizing problematic components, and what you need to do to fix them.

I referred to this guide several times for troubleshooting an assortment of faulty DVD players sitting on my work table. The broad range of DVD player repair tips and lessons contained in this ebook is pretty instructive. 

The only downside is that the book lacks adequate case studies. There are only 5 case studies in total. I think the author should double the amount of case studies because they are very valuable for detailing the particularities of a specific problem and the potential solutions. 

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